I know what it is like to find a couple of good urls and want to sign up for them in order to hold a great domain name, there are many great domain names available here, but having a bunch of empty placeholders for great domain names will do nothing for the adultwordpess users, so if you sign up for a blog add original content to it immediately.

If you can not write at least one page of good original content for your new adultwordpress blog, then you are not worthy of an adultwordpress blog, and those who are not worthy are derezzed at my leisure.

Adultwordpress.com is for quality adult entertainment and information, this web site is slated to be a notch above the rest. We will maintain a well respected place in the search engines and enjoy a good flow of happy traffic if we all post original content.

*Reminder* Putting automatic redirect code into a page will be grounds for automatic deletion at my hysterical convenience. Please when blogging here, keep quality in mind.

If you try to iframe to pull another page into your blog, you will be deleted.

If you do not post something original – unique, not written anywhere else; you will be deleted.

Our old terms allowed 48 hours for original content to be added, and this is no longer the case as of today. Thanks to puff, we are changing the terms. When you sign up for the blog, write something original in the first post immediately.

If I come back to check on the new blogs (and I check at least 3 times a day and night), and I find a blog that has been made and there is not any original writing there. it will be deleted.