Limit your blogroll and outgoing links. We will begin deleting blogrolls that exceed 6 outgoing links. Unless you want to pay for a sponsored blog, keep the outgoing links reasonable. Reciprocal links may give you some leeway on this rule.

Although not new rules, here are a few more considerations:

More theme changes are coming. We will be implementing several changes to the themes for the blogs here. You may see blogrolls disappear or become rel nofollowed, and more. We will also be testing out new sponsored ads, and may have a new “featured adult blog” section added to sidebars as well.

We may begin to keep your blogs and others from being listed in the “recently updated page” and the “list of all adultwordpress blogs”. The best way to keep your blog on these pages is to create an original blog, with original writing.

We will begin charging a monthly fee for blogs that are pushing affiliate programs only, original writing by adults is what this blog portal is made for.

Just a few of the things on the drawing board for now along with many other secret goodies we are working on here! There are many bloggers here working hard to create a great adult blog portal, let’s take care of this place.