I am developing several new ways of penalizing blogs that post duplicate content or off topic posts.

I Have been deleting blogs that do these things, but there are also some blogs on the system that are either mainly on topic with a few off topic posts, or blogs that feature some original writing alongside duplicate content. So I am developing several other methods to deal with these blogs and posts.

Consider yourself warned, if you post a copy of words that have already been published elsewhere, not only will your blog not appear in our “original adult blogs” section on the front page, (and therefore lose the chance of the strongest PR juice), your blog may be taken out of the list of all blogs featured at adultwordpress, and taken out of the results page that features the most recently updated adult blogs.

This will keep all the pagerank from flowing to your blog from our system, and will keep the visitors to our main portal page from finding your blog. The best way to avoid all of this is to write some original blog posts (as mentioned in previous posts).