We are doing a massive cleanup and purge today on all of the blogs here. We deleting all pending comments on all blogs throughout the site, and we are changing every blog’s settings to not allow trackbacks or pingpacks, and we are setting comments to be auto-closed after 14 days. This should stop a lot of the auto-mated spam from hitting our site, even the unpublished spam that was clogging up the database.

We may also change some of the other settings in your discussion settings, including but not limited to making it so that someone would have to be logged in in order to add a comment, and other things. You can look into your discussion settings to see if you want the changes that have been made. You could change this back to the other settings, but please email and notify us if you do. Our database has become huge and virtually unmanageable with the amount of pending comments, and we need to make sure the sire runs fast and smooth, and backups are easier. Hope you understand and don’t cry about losing comments that you have not approved or deleted.