We went through and deleted many blogs, and edited many more. Some blogs had their links section removed, many had nofollow added to all links, and some blogs had notices added to alert for more pending changes. As we continue to focus our network to include only good adult blogs, and high quality content, things will continue to change around here.

It is better for our network to have good content, and to limit the amount of follow links. This is one more step in that direction. We will continue to edit and remove any blogs that do not meet our quality standards. We will also transfer ownership of many blogs that have not been updated in a long time. If there is a blog in the system that has not been updated in the last 30 days, it will be up for review. Any blog admin that does not keep things tidy as far as comments, and links are concerned, will be in jeapoardy of having their blog taken over by someone else.

When blogs are transferred to a different admin, they will have full control over future, and pas content. Look for more exciting changes to adult wordpress in the near future!