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Blog deletions and edits today

We went through and deleted many blogs, and edited many more. Some blogs had their links section removed, many had nofollow added to all links, and some blogs had notices added to alert for more pending changes. As we continue to focus our network to include only good adult blogs, and high quality content, things […]

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Major cleanup and changes to your blogs

We are doing a massive cleanup and purge today on all of the blogs here. We deleting all pending comments on all blogs throughout the site, and we are changing every blog’s settings to not allow trackbacks or pingpacks, and we are setting comments to be auto-closed after 14 days. This should stop a lot […]

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About to release many new options and features

We are really close to launching a bunch of new features and options, giving people more control over how their adult wordpress blogs will look. That’s right, new custom blog themes, and lots of powerful new blogging tools including several new picture tools and more. Look for the new, improved, and soon to be available […]

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Terms updated – new functions coming

We have updated the terms of service. We are adding new functions including new blog themes, and way premium plugins. There will also be new options premium and ultra premium services. Some of the things that are coming soon: New adult blog themes New advertising on all blogs – options to buy ads across the […]

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You will be deleted

We are starting to delete blogs. If you have any duplicate content on your blog it will be deleted. Duplicate content meaning text on your blog that is also posted elsewhere on the web. Backup / Export your stuff right now. No warning will be given before deletion. We have no backups and no way […]

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We’ve upgraded – more changes coming

Today we upgraded to the newer version of wordpress. This should be a huge upgrade for our users and bloggers, making it easier to post content. There are many more changes coming soon. We will updating terms of service, terms of use, acceptable ude and other policies in the near future. We will also be […]

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Off topic blog posts or duplicate content penalties coming

I am developing several new ways of penalizing blogs that post duplicate content or off topic posts. I Have been deleting blogs that do these things, but there are also some blogs on the system that are either mainly on topic with a few off topic posts, or blogs that feature some original writing alongside […]

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New Rules Notice – August 2007

Limit your blogroll and outgoing links. We will begin deleting blogrolls that exceed 6 outgoing links. Unless you want to pay for a sponsored blog, keep the outgoing links reasonable. Reciprocal links may give you some leeway on this rule. Although not new rules, here are a few more considerations: More theme changes are coming. […]

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Post original text when you sign up or be deleted

I know what it is like to find a couple of good urls and want to sign up for them in order to hold a great domain name, there are many great domain names available here, but having a bunch of empty placeholders for great domain names will do nothing for the adultwordpess users, so […]

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Testing sponsored ads

We are testing sponsored ads in the sidebar of the blogs now. This site has become a lot of work and the bandwidth is starting to skyrocket, as are the blog posts that people are using to bring traffic to other sites and such, so we are experimenting with running some ads in the sidebar […]

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