The terms and conditions will be updated regularly, subject to change without notice please check this page for updates every time you visit our site.

You must be an adult over the age of 18 to use this web site.

Some of the content on this site may be of a graphic, adult, or sexual nature.

Unless specifically noted otherwise, the material posted here on this blog site is to be considered for entertainment purposes only. Do not consider any advice or information to be of any legal or medical advice.

We no longer offer free blog hosting. Some of the older blogs that show up on the system may have been created in the past when we offered free blogs, however most blogs created here after June 2010 will be fee based.

We will add banner ads and other types of advertisements to all blogs hosted on this system, unless you pay for ultra premium blog hosting.

For those who are simply browsing the various blogs and pages created on this system, please be aware of the following:

Most people who post content on this system have some sort of financial interest in the information posted. When y0u see any pictures, stories, videos or other information, do not believe everything you see or read. In this day of photoshopping images, and other sneaky maneuvers, you really can’t believe everything you see or read.

We do not control a lot of the information, or links, or even third party apps may appear on the pages here. Surfing blogs here may open you up to third party tracking in ways that we are not even aware of. If someone adds stats counters, advertisements, or even hotlinked images, or other code into their page, your web browsing information could be recorded in some way.

For these reasons we strongly suggest you learn more about the privacy information we provide below, and be sure that your anti virus, operating system, web browser, all web browser plugins, and firewall software is up to date before surfing this site, or any where else on the internet for that matter.

For those people who have created blogs, posts, pages or comments on our system,  or want to create or administer blogs here, please be aware of the following:

Your blog will be forfeited if you violate any of the terms laid out here.

We may choose edit, delete, change search engine indexing settings, or take over and change any content or all content on the blog you create here if we feel that it does not meet our standards for well written, original content.

If we find your blog has not been updated in months, or has little or no original content, we will take over your blog.

Some of the upcoming features with this web site may allow for some cross posted material, and could cause occasional explicit or graphic text or pictures to be displayed on templates for pages that you have created.

In other words, we may put porn ads and naked people in all of the templates that make up the blogs here at adultwordpress; if you do not want graphic sex and pornographic ads to be displayed on the pages that you create here at adultwordpress, then do not create a blog here. Just because a particular blog theme does not have ads or explicit photos and videos on it today, does not mean we will not alter the theme to have ads or other content around your posted content, in fact all themes will most likely add ads and other content that we will profit from in some way in the future.

With that in mind, if there is a reasonable way to implement a paid option to remove ads on your blog theme then we will try to implement that this year. Hopefully we will soon have the functionality to give those who pay for ultra premium service to have other options not limited to ad free blog themes. We are working on an option to give those who pay for ultra premium services that will give you ad free template. If you are interested in those options, contact us for additional information.

There are many changes to occur here over the years we hope, and want everyone to be prepared. Of course we are reasonable people and hope to develop a space for adults to share in ways that are mutually beneficial to everyone, so any new developments we will hopefully have ways of making them options in some ways.

No kiddie porn, no photos, videos or even discussion of underage sex in any way.

We reserve the right to delete any material posted on this site at any time, for any reason.

Some reasons that blogs will be deleted include but are not limited to:

  • adding redirect code to a page that auto-redirects a blog page to another.
  • Underage porn discussion
  • Official DMCA complaints

There is no guarantee that this web site will stay online forever, and we make no assertion that we have any backup of your post information. We suggest you use an rss feed saver to backup your blog, or use the export tools to make your own backups.

We do not guarantee that the plugins, or features that are offered today, or in the future will work properly, or will work one day and then no longer function, or be available the next day. We reserve the right to disable plugins and features, or make features and plugins cost extra money in the future.

We reserve the right to delete, edit, or change text, pictures, video, or any other content that is posted for any reason what so ever, anything in part or in full.

Your blog pages should load quickly, If you try to use media that is served from another web site on your blog, or add content that in any way slows down the page load of your blog, we may decide to edit, delete, or take over your blog. Certain settings can affect page load, including how many blog posts appear per page. You may contact us for consulting on settings that may affect this.

If you upload or embed, or add any content to your blog, you agree that you have rights to use such content. If your relationship with another content producer / owner should change in the future, you are responsible for changing the content to reflect changes in your permission to use or otherwise promote someone else’s material.

Terms and conditions will change, and just because we have something a certain way one day, does not mean that it will not change.

Themes, theme functions, widgets, custom display and theme options are not guarantee. Themes that we offered for years are no longer available. Some of the themes we have available today may be deleted, replaces, or changed in many ways. IF you have added custom header pictures, widgets or other options, there is not guarantee that those options will be available in the future, or backed up in any way. It is you responsible to check that all theme and content functions are still available, and function.

We do not guarantee any type of security either. The software used to create this blog network has constant updates. We do not keep up with the updates in a timely manner. There may be security flaws in the code that powers this site on a regular basis. As those flaws are made public, we generally get around to upgrading within a week or so once they are available. However we sometimes go months without making a major version upgrade. Upgrades to the site software and plugins may affect how you content is displayed, and there could be future incompatibilities with themes, plugins, and the host software. We in no way provide support for these issues, and though we do a little here and there to avoid these problems, sometimes the resolutions take a long time, and perhaps money, and even then sometimes older things do not work with newer things.

You agree to follow all applicable united states laws, and the laws in your community.

Unless you pay for ultra premium service, you will have to follow ALL of these additional content guidelines (and our additional general terms of service as well).

You agree that your payment entitles you to an active account here for the period you pay for, however you understand that as part of our universal terms of service agreement, none of the plugins, or other features are guaranteed to work properly day after day, security is not guaranteed and should your account become compromised you know that we are not liable for any information gained by any third party. You agree that we make no non-interruption of service guarantee, and it is your responsibility to have a current backup of all of your posts, pictures, settings and other content.

Duplicate content will not be accepted on free blogs, basic blogs, or premium blogs here. If you post text here that has been posted elsewhere on the web, we will suspend or delete your blog, posts, or pages. Duplicating text content that has been posted elsewhere on the web is strictly forbidden, even if you own content, copyright, or were the original creator.

When you create a new blog here, you need to make at least one post with all original text content. If you are not prepared to make an original post at this time, do not attempt to create a new blog. Newly created blogs that do not have original writing with 6 hours of creation will be deleted.

If you can’t write at least one page of good original content for your new adultwordpress blog, then you are not worthy of an adultwordpress blog, and those who are not worthy are derezzed at my leisure. is for quality adult entertainment and information, this web site is slated to be a notch above the rest. We will maintain a well respected place in the search engines and enjoy a good flow of happy traffic if we all post original content.

Putting automatic redirect code into a page will be grounds for automatic deletion at my hysterical convenience. Please when blogging here, keep quality in mind.

If you try to iframe to pull another page into your blog, you will be deleted.

Linking to “bad neighborhoods” or sites as determined by Google’s webmaster guidelines, or links to sites that are not legal in the United States, or links to sites that are down is reasons for termination, editing, or blog takeover.

Limit your blogroll, and any outgoing links. If we find a blog that has more than 5 outgoing links, or blog posts that have more than 2 outgoing links per post, we may change some things with your blog. We may change it so that it is not indexed by us or search engines or some other change. This site is not a link farm site, it is about content for adult users.

We may change features of this blogging portal and experiment with a wide variety of plugins that will add functionality here in many ways. Some people will find the added features as positive tools to help them reach people in easier ways through blogging here. Some people may not like some of the features that we add. One of the upcoming features here will add a nofollow attribute to all outgoing links. That means that we are working on a feature that will nofollow all links in blog rolls, posts, and pages, so that none of the links from this site will count for passing page rank votes to other sites.

No refunds will be given to anyone who pays for premium services when we make changes.


Some of the web sites, affiliates, links, etc. may offer us a financial incentive in some way(s).


I honestly at this time have no idea what things our web server collects as far as information. I do know that we get statistics as far as what referring pages people come from and what internet browser they are using, among a few other standard statistics that just about every other web site on the net collects.

We have no idea what information third party web sites collect that may be linked to from here. We do not have any way of knowing what pages in this huge community of multi-user generated content have third party web beacons of other code that could expose your browser history or other information about your ip address, surfing habits, etc.

If you are concerned about your privacy on the internet we recommend you use the tools and suggestions found at the following web sites:


Use of the commenting features, blog posting, polls, chat features, or any other feature in which you would interact, or add information to the system here will further record your tracks on the internet and this site. When you comment here for example, your ip address will be recorded by the system so that we can filter spammers. When you fill out your email address in a commenting form, signup / registration form, or other field within this site, that information is recorded into a database that is hosted on our web server so that we can keep out spammers, display a gravatar image next to comments or posts, contact you with a password to use the system, or other uses.

Information that you enter here is recorded into a database so it can be displayed to the blog owner, or posted publicly for others to see. There are occasional backups of that information, and we try to keep it secured. However nothing in the world is 100% secure, so there is always a chance that information could be leaked in some way. We try to keep the software running this updated, and the security of the web server is checked by professionals on a regular basis, but given that nothing posted online 100% secure, we suggest that you do not post any information to this site, or any other web site that would cause embarrassment, or other problems in your life if it were to become public.

There are ways to interact, and share on the internet in ways that limit your exposure in these situations. The above posted web sites will provide information to help you do that if you are really concerned. I generally use an online email address for registering with adult sites, you may want to do the same.

If you feel that you have a serious issue that needs our attention you can email: apress att globaladultmedia dott comm

For less serious concerns that should be seen by our staff post a comment here, which will also be emailed to us.

Remember these terms will probably change and be updated, I can’t guarantee there will be forthcoming notice before the changes, but I hope to have an automated, perhaps rss way to alert everyone to changes.

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